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“Pet Elizabeth” Pet Medical Collars (Cat, Dog)

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This comfortable, colorful, and fluffy medical collar is made of cotton and is the perfect solution to protect your pet (dog and cat) from injuries, rash, and post-operative wounds. It helps prevent pets from biting, licking, or scratching the injured or surgical area and the wounds. This medical collar is also a protective neck collar, it is made of non-toxic materials which makes it safe for pets. It is elastic, soft and easily adjustable to your pets’ comfort, it is easy to wear and take-off, and does not block your pets’ vision and allows them to continue their daily routine and enjoy their activities by drinking, eating, playing (if allowed by their vet) and sleeping without constraints.

Method of cleaning: washable
Materials: filled with PP cotton, high quality fabric, adjustable buckle
Suitable for: all pets
Colors: Dark Blue
Dimensions (small): Diameter 6cm / Perimeter: 19cm
Dimensions (medium): Diameter 8cm / Perimeter: 25cm
Dimensions (large): Diameter 10cm / Perimeter: 31cm
Weight: 200g