Makesure Cat Starter Pack (Litter box, Toy, Bowl, Lounger), Cat

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This cat's starter pack is perfect to welcome your furry to his/her new home. It includes all the essentials that your cat or kitten need to sleep in comfort, eat and play.

The starter pack features:

1. Makesure Litter Box: this cat litter box is modern, lightweight, compact, and smartly designed with cats and cat parents in mind. Its retro look allows it to blend in without disrupting the overall style of your home. But this piece is not only about an attractive exterior it is also thoughtfully designed with smart features:
High quality material: it’s made of high-quality PS materials, recyclable, easy to clean, and durable. Its wooden legs ensure the steadiness and stability of the litter box but also protects your floor from any scratches.
Clean and versatile featuring an innovative grated pathway that filters litter from the cat’s paws when leaving the litter box and avoids messiness.
Semi-enclosed design: the semi-enclosed elliptical space design helps alleviates odor and provide a fresh environment for the cat.
Magnetic door: the magnetic door is easy to open and close and completely conceals litter and waste.
Integrated storage space: it has a hidden storage with a dedicated space for a scoop and a compartment to store a waste bag. The litter box comes with a complimentary scoop.
Removable litter tray: easy to remove, clean and put back.
Spacious interior: spacious interior making it easy for a cat to roam around. The litter box is recommended for cats weighing up to 6.5kg

Suitable for: cats weighing up to 6.5kg
Dimensions: 60.4 x 45.7 x 38.5 cm
Weight: 4.05Kg